Hey, my fourteenth birthday is in 4 days, and I'm looking for a guitar that us less than 200.00 dollars.

At the moment, I think I've decided on this: http://www.daddys.com/nau/?itemnumber=25600

aka a 'Sq.dlx Trans Stratocaster 2hb Crt' Which I think translates to a squier deluxe trans stratocaster.

However, I'm pretty clueless as far as guitars go; I got my first guitar less than a year ago. Could someone help me find other nice guitars under 200.00 dollars?

I'm looking for a Red guitar or, even better, a red and black guitar.

Thanks from a guitar newbie

EDIT: The guitar has to play well, too :x
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It comes in red, with black hardware,

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can you hold up and save up a bit before buying your next guitar???
I don't get why people want another cheap guitar when they get sick of their first cheap guitar... which they bought like couple months ago
just like how you got sick of your first one in less than an year, a lot of guitars under 200 will tend to do the same (unless you try several and find a one that you are sure of)

or you can try to find a decent guitar used online........... but you rarely get to try those

so best advice: save up, go to a guitar store, try some yourself, and buy one that's decent to you...
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It comes in red, with black hardware,

That wouldn't be too bad.

however the squier you picked out wasn't bad either....... in my opinion squiers are pretty good for the price