In the mail a couple days ago I got a 20 dollar gift certificate to Guitar Center for being a valued customer or something. I thought I would get a cheap Distortion or Boost pedal to mod. So Which of these pedals would give me the most options to mod:

Boss DS-1
DOD Od-250
EHX- Nano Power Booster

I know the Ds-1 can be modded a lot, Im just not sure about the other ones. Thanks
ds-1. ive seen so many mods for it and i kno they (mostly) sound great cause i have an electronics-crazy friend who modded the crap out of his
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The EHX LPB-1 is pretty cool but no mods exist that I know off. Maybe you could install a darlington pair but I'm not sure if that would work. DS-1 in my opinion.
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DS-1 and the Keeley Mod is an excellent thing to do, beefs up the bass and stops it sounding like...well a Boss distortion pedal i.e bad
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The 250 is a not as bad quality as the ds-1 from the start but I'm not sure if you can mod the board so that you could boost it up tubescramer flavour, but if that'S possible you'd have hell of a pedal under your foot. As for the ds-1 well, try it for yourself that'S nothing too insane by itself and it don't mix with other stuff so it'S no overdrive and if you're lucky it might be useable as a smooth drive channel-like, again your amp should be able to do that by itself, better boosting your signal with an overdrive rather than using the amp for high gain and a pedal for smoother stuff.
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