The kelly has the seymour duncan jazz sh2n neck pickup, and the soloist has the seymour duncan '59 sh1n neck pickup. Which is better for metal/shred?

the kelly has neck dimensions of 3rd fret .775" and 12th fret .835". the soloist has 3rd fret .790" and 12th fret .850". is this a big difference?

i am going to get one of these soon. thanks for the help
I've been looking at KE2's and KV2's alot lately. The dimention will be noticable, so it's best you try each one, or atleast two Jacksons with the same dimensions.
Pickups, it's all preferance. I for one prefer the 59' for that creamy, smooth sound during soloing.
well the soloist has a wider neck, which i find better for soloing
but it really comes down to personal preference