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If only I had 10 grand to drop on a guitar. Hell, if only I had ten grand period. Oh well.
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This is UG, we love Schecters and Ibanez and Jacksons, we hate Deans and BCR's, we hate Marshall MG's, and everyone needs a new amp.
i actually don't really like it too much

i sure would take it but if i had that much money that would not be what i would spend it on
If I had 5 grand (£ I would buy a nice guitar

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A big ass upright

It looks fugly, and for that price there's no way I'd even think about trying one.
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meeh...no i don't like it...
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any body catch this ?

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It's a bargain, and a decent-playing guitar overall. The main issue was that it lost it's tuning after a 7 hour octave-bending solo on the high e string. Also, the screws used in the pickups were phillips head, not flat head, which decimated the tone. I'd recommend replacing them with the screws from a PRS custom shop.
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any body catch this ?

that was awesome, i saw it on the site and wondered if anyone would notice it here.

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Am I the only one that doesn't like metal engraved like that on guitars?

I think it looks far too 'busy'.
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And, looks nice, but far too pricey.
Funny words.
That guitar is hideous IMO
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If I had 10 grand, I'd buy a cheap Les Paul copy, a lot of heroin and have myself a damn sight more fun than if I bought that guitar and cried myself to sleep every night due to my stupid purchase.
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I appreciate the detail in the art, but it's just a gimmick isn't it? It's not a truly good guitar for the price.
I'm sure its a nice axe, but 10 grand? I'd just buy a Les Paul Standard, a Boogie head, and 6 Boogie cabs.
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10 grand? I'd get 3 Gretsch guitars. A White Falcon, A Black Phoenix, and a yellow Hot Rod model.