I am going to get a new acoustic guitar, but my budget is only between 300 & 400 dollars. So I already had a few picked out, and I would like to know which is the best, or if you have a suggestion. Fender CD140SCE Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Takamine G Series 340C Acoustic-Electric Guitar , or Takamine EG341C Acoustic-Electric Guitar. I definitely want a cutaway, and for it to be an Acoustic-Electric. As for the Takamine EG341C Acoustic-Electric Guitar, I don't care for the color black, unless it is obviously the best choice. Thanks.
I've never liked fender acoustics. Have you thought about the Taylor Big Baby ? It's not electrified, but they play nicely. Oh, I've had Tak's that I really liked too.
I'm going against the baby taylor recommendation guitar. to me it seems like it's for someone who has rich parents and is starting out guitar with their money.

try looking into some alvarez guitars. definitely go to the guitar store and try them out.
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