i really need a song for 2 people like one on piano and one of guitar, it can be any level oif play please find me one !
Free Bird, live version
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In this River by Black Label Society
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Everything by The Doors
Karma Police- Radiohead
Buddy Holly- Weezer (there's a lot of cool parts in that song that can be played on both instruments)
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guns n'roses -estranged
guns n'roses- november rain

the two greatest songs ever created

kurt cobain killed music
Almost anything by MUSE, New Born is a great epic that will get a lot of reaction from the audience. Sun Burn is also good, it is light on guitar, but it has a sick trem picking solo. Bliss is also a good, it has a beautiful piano score.
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Have you checked out some of Rush's and Linkin park songs,some osngs by the doors too
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Any level eh?

Shawn Lane - Esperanto.

Anything by Dream Theater.

Paul Gilbert - Suite Modale
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Carry On Wayward Son- Kansas
Not Enough- Van Halen

And if synthesizer/keyboard counts as a piano, then:
Jump- Van Halen
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In this River by Black Label Society

Solo isn't long, and it's just kind of repetative.