i just got a new prs single cut se and it has alot of fret buzzing. Raising the action helped but did not completely get rid of it. If i get a new setup of it will it completely get rid of the buzz, or atl least most of it. I have a thirty day return policy and don't want to be stuck with a guitar that doesn't play well.
i would return it if i were u. thats crap u have to pay to get it setup right after buying it.
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Most of the time a decent set up will fix problems like this on a well made guitar. If it doesnt take it back.

i suggest, that if you just bought it, you walk it back into the store and tell them that it's buzzing and that you'll return it if they dont get the buzzing to stop.

*remember, buzzing not transmitted thru the amp is generally not considered a problem.

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