Poll: what's your favorite toothpaste
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View poll results: what's your favorite toothpaste
10 38%
8 31%
store brand
0 0%
toothpaste comes in different flavors
1 4%
0 0%
0 0%
0 0%
3 12%
who uses toothpaste
3 12%
1 4%
Voters: 26.
whats your favorite toothpaste?
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Sorry, dont have teeth
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It's a tie between Colgate and Aquafresh. They both do such a good job.
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's UG
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Best there is.
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so tempted to answer 'penguin'

i guess colgate, i dont care
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This thread just reminded me to brush my teeth, thus being the second time today.

Aquafresh is the best, and I have only recently started to use it.
The Bugs Bunny toothpaste you get, it's amazing.

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Hell yeah, lots of Aquafresh users in here!

EDIT: It's not on the poll?! BLASPHEMY