I have a really nice guitar right now. It's a Les Paul looking knockoff and i was thinking about updating the hardware (new pickups or otherwise). anyone know where i should look and how much this might set me back?
You're going to have to tell us what kind of music you play, what your expected budget is, etc. You can find pickups for any genre or price range generally.
It depends on where you live, what style of music you play, what amp you have, and how much you can afford to spend. Give us some details.
Not taking any online orders.
sorry. I play a bunch of different genres, and i guess i would be willing to go to 200 or a little more if it would be worth it. Im really just looking for a nice clean sound.

on a separate note, would it be possible for me to install them myself, or should i just have a professional do it?
^pickups are pretty easy to install.

Can you give us an idea about the "bunch of different genres" that you play? What do you play the most? What musicians have tone that you like? What amp are you using?

Good clean tone comes from pickups with alnico magnets but that is still a very big range of pickups to choose from.
Not taking any online orders.
Guitarfetish (Good pickups, decent hardware)
Swineshead (Good pickup alternative for England)
Stewmac / Warmoth (High quality hardware)
Seymour Duncan (Quality pickups)
Bare Knuckle Pickups (THE BEST pickups period imo)

EDIT: Oh, and we can't forget UG's own RockMonkeyGuitars.com!

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