Hello fellow UGer's. I really want to get an effects pedal (hence my title). I play mostly rock (70's-80's) and own an Epiphone SG special model (It's an okay guitar I just have a really low budget so it was the best deal for me since I had to buy a new amp too) My amp is a Line 6 Spider III 15 watt. So any recommended effects would be nice. My budget is like 50-100 dollars. I'm not looking for anything fancy so yeah. Thanks in advance.
Get a new amp, don't get a modelling(sp?) pedal.
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Well other than recommending a new amp, what kind of pedal are you looking for?

An OD would probably get the most use, but wahs and phasers are really fun also.
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The spider has so many effects built into it already. Most of them aren't very ear-friendly, but you have an idea for what they should sound like. I would recommend a wah simply for the fact that you can't shove that into an amp. Fun and expressive pedals they are.