ive decided on what amp i want (bugera 6262) and now i know i want a mockingbird,only problem is which one?
i like the ST one with all the bells and whistles but i also like the special and the special X model's to.
i play everything but mostly the heavy stuff
i was looking at the ST model because of the coil taps and that would help with playing blues and such but i dont know if it would really be worth it.
anyway i want UG to choose which mockingbird i get.
since it is a pain in the ass to find a vintage mockingbird (unless someone gives me some sites that have them) im going to just buy a new one.
So which one do i need?
have you checked out the nj exotic model. thats the one i would want. its still a nato body neck thru like the st. and i dont think it has the coil taps ( i could be wrong there), but if its put together any thing like my eagle nj classic. you could bust out a car windshield and not hurt the guitar. and the tone is just great for classic hard rock. i would play one b-4 you make up your mind
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I would go with the ST. I hate the tribal thing on the Specials headstock. And Mockingbirds shouldn't have arched tops.

The ST looks like an vintage mockingbird with a few mods. And the vintage ones are the best looking mockingbirds i think.
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