At the end of the month I am going off to university.

The one downside is that I have to leave my good electric guitar alone at home.

How should I go about properly storing it for long periods of time in my room? I was thinking about putting it in it's case (soft case) and putting it on the table in my room, or is it better to keep it in it's stand.

One major factor is my mother, she always comes into my room and opens the window, allowing thick, hot, humid air into my room, in the summer, and damp moist air in the winter, which I know is bad for my guitar, I also know that as soon as I leave she will have the window open 24/7, it's kind of a wierd habit for her...

any help is greatly appreciated, I would hate to see my precious get damaged while I'm away.
A hardshell and put it in a room where it won't be exposed to high heat or extreme cold.
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Wow... I've had all of my guitars sitting on a 5-guitar stand for months. It's around 65 in my room all the time. Is that bad? I never go more than a day without playing them so it's a PITA to keep them cased.
aren't wall stands the best way to go? whatever.. i'd just keep it in my hard case and not close the latches. i do that.
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pick up some silica packets toss them in the case, leave it out of the way under a bed, in tune.

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never use the softcase when storing your guitar for a long time
some softcase materials can actually suck up the humidity in the air, making it worse than just having your guitar outside the case

get a hardshell case, put in one of those dehumiditizing things (those little bags that suck away humidity, ya know?), and you are pretty much set