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Here comes an arguement.

I would say the Derek Trucks Band. Derek is almost (I say almost because no one can come close) as good as Duane Allman and the singer has an amazing voice, and their percussionists play a mean djemba.
Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Dream Theater, Spastic Ink, Canvas Solaris....
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Buckethead... Theres not many Talented. Some will probably say Velvet Revolver or a7x its a good choice i guess but not the best. Buckethead is incredibly talented and plays with soul. Listen to the Colma album its pretty powerful. Unless you consider Metallica of the 2000's my vote is for Buckethead. If not him then Metallica. Or better yet the Jonas Brothers! just kidding just kidding
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There are many. My personal opinion though, would have to be either BTBAM, Canvas Solaris (they get kind of mindless/repetitive sometimes, however) or An Endless Sporadic. One of them. I'm sure there are others I'm completely forgetting, but eh.
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The Mars Volta maybe?

are we talking individual musician talent? songwriting? what?
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John Mayer Trio hands down.

Are you sure you don't mean John Butler Trio?
Butler > Mayer
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I'd say protest the hero are pretty talented but determining the most talented is impossible.
Hmmm, well let me get out my "reads-talent-of-music" indicator. It can surpass all laws of music being different expressions of the self (WHEN NOT COMMERCIALIZED).

Damn, no batteries.

Yeah, not trying to be a jerk, but it REALLY isn't something that can be measured..."best talent." That said, I respect all of the bands mentioned thus far (EDIT: I see someone has posted Jonas Brothers for teh "lulz." Scratch that "all" :p. I second the Derek Trucks Band.
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Mars Volta
Fall of Troy
Coheed & Cambria
Protest the Hero
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Pigeon Detectives.

But srsly: Kings of Leon.

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...what kind of talent are we talking about?
They say good things come in small packages. You know what else comes in small packages? Unrelenting pain and horror.
do you mean "talented" as in songwriting abilities and carrying emotion and reason behind your music, or as in being a retard and ****ing your guitar with your fingers?
meh i still say tool. dave matthews band is incredibly talented as well. i think all their 00s releases are live cd's though. the chili's are also extremely gifted on all instruments (although not especially drums) no one comes close to tool though; they have everything.
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Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Dream Theater, Spastic Ink, Canvas Solaris....

Bela Fleck, as in.. Sparrow Quartet?
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Pigeon Detectives.

But srsly: Kings of Leon.

that better be a joke..

OH the Kings
bela fleck +1 streetlight manifesto possibly, they're all so freaking good. rhcp, too, they're all damn good.
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Blotted Science?

+1 Or Dream Theater or Opeth.
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RHCP if ucount them as at 2000 band...

which as i write this i realise you wouldnt

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