Uhhh....I do not condone drug taking



....3 hours
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I once went in to a public restroom and George Michael approached me for sex. True Story.
Not to be an ass, but there is a drug thread full of knowledgeable, helpful people.
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what's the point in being "philiosophical"?

Interesting question...
He didnt say anything about drugs... he said MAGIC mushrooms. duh.

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put in da ziplock bag and leave out in da sun..... quite possibly a day or two depending on temperature, atmospheric pressure, altitude, type of mushroom, age of mushroom.

open it every once in a while and wait till ALL da vapors are gawn....
Keep them OUT of the sun!

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Be careful, i hear someone poked their eyes out becouse they thought there were rats behind their eyes after taking it.

Magic Mushrooms grow in my backyard, and small kids eat them.
no my friend they age nicely in the sun KEEP THEM OUT OF COMPLETE DRYNESS YOU MEAN!

source: i live in the netherlands
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Have you been in that thread? There's only the occasional retard in there. For the most part, it's mature, UNBIASED (no DURGz r Bad k!!1) opinions and discussions. It's probably one of the better threads of the pit.

Knowledge is power man, fight the ignorance, don't breed it by responding with that stupid remark.

You should check out erowid.org
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Post this in the drug thread. They'll be happy to help.

Also, try Erowid.
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I'm pretty sure the drug thread is one of the friendliest threads on this site.