I have been searching for a new guitar for some time now and I have my choices narrowed down to a couple guitars based mainly on appearance, price, and a new found loyalty to the manufacturer.

I would like to know what people can tell me about either the Ibanez RG370DX and the RG420EG : the comfort level, playability, sound, reliability and anything else i should be aware of.

I have been playing guitar for just over a year now and i would like to play post hardcore / metalcore etc.

Any comments / advice would greatly be appreciated.

i would say dont get an ibanez. they are crap.

For serious metal look at dean MLs or Jacksons... they are far superior.

If you want an all rounder... epiphone/gibson or higher end PRS

Ibanez just dont sound good... IMO

if you really want ibanez, go for an SA series... they're not as bad... but RG are just like... argos guitars.

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ibanez dont get. i just got 1 , its a bitch.
get an LTD or dean, or if you hate yourself get a jackson
I've got 2 Ibanez guitars and they're both fantastic for metal
Depends on how much you're willing to spend on it

What's your budget?


If you're on a tight budget then there's always the RG321MH
Do you also need a trem?
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i've got a friend that has an Ibanez SA 120. He says it's very good for it's price.

it costs approximately 296.025 USD in my country.
Do not listen to those that reccomend dean, they are not anywhere nearas good as Ibanez.

I have always associated Ibanez with shred/power metal, but it can branch out very easily, ibanez guitars are rather good in that they have a variety or sounds.

LTD is also a good brand as well, atleast that is a good reccomendation.
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Epiphone's can be hit and miss based on their QC
Dude above suggested LTD, also a very good company for guitars

Ibanez guitars aren't pigeonholed to just metal
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Thank you for the replies.

What about an Epiphone Goth Les Paul?

ive played one a few times

and it wasnt all that wonderfull

its just a bloody les paul studio painted matt black dude.