Ok so lots of people state that boss pedals suck ur tone...

SOOOO if i were to get a delay pedal (DD3) by boss would it affect my tone or are they just implying that distortion/od pedals lack tone and therefore "suck" ur tone???

and if they do suck tone where would it suck less tone? in front or in fx loop?

oh and difference between analog and digital delay?
i own 3 Boss Pedals

run them through the right amp and they shine

I Own a DD-3, does nothing to your tone, but is a reliable amazing sounding pedal!

Goes in FX loop as does Reverb etc etc

Just make sure you use a powerblock/adaptor it will eat batteries otherwise
you might want to look at paying extra for the DD-6 too if your budget allows

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I have a Boss DD-6 and it doesn't suck your tone at all.. there is no difference whatsoever
sigh... boss pedals don't suck your tone.

when people say that, what they are implying is that the quality of your original signal from your guitar is degraded by going thru the boss pedals.

people who make this claim aren't using the pedals correctly. they usually do one of the following things wrong:

1. they have the effect knobs turned up way too high, and the effect level is higher than the volume of the original input.

2. they are using a dying or poor-quality (ie: dollar store brand) battery in the pedal

3. they are using a ****ty ac adaptor and not a good one.

4. one of their cables is broken or damaged.

5. all the rest of their equipment is sub-par, and the pedal happens to bring out the suck characteristics of their particular setup.

i have a nice-ass marshall amp with an effect loop (a seperate channel in the amp just for the effects) and a good dunlop DC brick for power regulation. i've got six boss pedals running, as well as a wah and a volume pedal, and i get no tone loss, no signal degradation, or anything. so don't worry about the quality of the boss pedals. they are the biggest brand in the world for a reason.
Quote by Khoifish321
I have a Boss DD-6 and it doesn't suck your tone at all.. there is no difference whatsoever

then it's not doing a very good job is it? TS, from my experience, Boss is a solid company, just stay away from the DS-1.
Analog delay loses clarity the more repeats that it has. Digital delay stays close to or the same no matter how many time it repeats.

In my experience, tone suckage happens less in the FX loop.

As for the Boss tone suckage problem, try it, and see if it sucks the tone. I have the DS-1, SD-1 and CS-3. I believe it's the CS-3 anyhow. The CS-3 kind of sucks. The DS-1 isn't bad and it's a classic pedal but it's not for me. The SD-1 is perfect and I don't notice any unwanted tone coloration. But trying it is the only way to see if it's as bad as everyone says.
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