I am in the process of picking out a new guitar, but I just can't decided.
I have around 1000 English pounds to spend. And I mostly play metal.

Only requirements are a fixed bridge and in a perfect world; two volume knobs for kill switching.

Ideas would be greatly appreciated.
You can get anything you want, just get the guitar you like the best.
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If you mostly do metal look into the Gibson Les Paul BFG, it may look ugly at first, but it grows on you, and then after playing one with a decent amp you will think it's the most beautiful guitar alive.
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DO NOT get a BFG you will regret it immensely, dont get a gibson you wont get waht you pay for cause i take it you dont wanna waste your hard earned cash right?
if you like fast necks i would suggest some sort of high end jackson or prestige ibanez. if you like necks like a gibson i would suggest a shecter or some sort or even a high end epiphone if you like the look of a les paul.
What annoys me is the Ibanez Prestige S series all have floating trems.
I was looking at an ESP eclipse, but I am not so sure.

Also, most of the 7 strings i've seen have Floyd rose's too.