can u do this? if so how? anyone know of a tutorial? thx i wanna do that to my old peavey milestone 2 for the hell of it. lol

Basically, from what I've seen you're going to need a pretty set list of materials.

Something to get the frets out, I've heard of things from screwdrivers to butterknives, they do sell tools specifically designed to do this but whatever gets the job done. They may be glued in, in which case I've heard sodering irons being used to melt the glue to remove the fret.

Some sort of wood filler, that's what I see it sold as, some sort of wood putty to replace the removed fret. Some people will actually insert wood but im sure either/or gets the job done.

Lastly if you intend to use roundwound strings (which will eat up the neck eventually) or even if you just want better protection for the wood you'd need either a coating of polyurethane or epoxy. Along with one of those you'll need sandpaper of some description. There are many tutorials on this subject and I suggest either searching here or google.
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Back in the 70's I decided to take all the frets off Jaco's Bass thinking he would play worse. Man did that backfire.

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Sure you can, here is a picture a neck my tech did for me. Garry at Catalina Guitars in Tucson Arizona is the man on necks! I am not sure what material he used for the inlays, some kind of bronze stuff.

Here is his contact info if you have questions
Fretless Neck - Smaller.jpg
Many people in the bass forum have done this. JazzRockFeel did a thread on this a while back when he defretted his Jay Turser bass.
Defretting a Jay tursor sounds like a FANTASTIC project! Be wary though, disaster can result...
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Get a small flat head screwdriver and just pry the frets out.

You could do that, if you want the side of your neck to be all scratched up.
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