I'm considering getting some active pickups, (I know many of you would suggest passives, but I do enjoy the sound of them for metal) and I was wondering if I should go for Blackouts or if I should get EMGs and mod them with two 9v batteries? Take note: I barely have enough room for one 9v, so some routing would be required for two batteries. Also, is the EMG 85 suitable as a bridge pickup? Or just a neck pickup?
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I think the 85 is designed to just be a neck pickup. And 18v EMG's would be pretty cool, but I've heard a demo with blackouts with really high overdrive, and it sounded sweet. It's really up to you what style you like.. Check out some vids on youtube maybe.
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what guitar do u have?
I have a PRS SE Custom
-Paul Reed Smith SE Custom
-Bugera 333XL 212
What exactly does the 18V mod do?

And I prefer Blackouts personally.
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there one of the better actives out their, basically a seymour duncan distortion with a active circut.
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What exactly does the 18V mod do?

And I prefer Blackouts personally.
It gives it more headroom, which gives it a more organic sound. Also, in responce to the comment about the Blackout 18V mod, you don't really need it. Blackouts are by themselves more organic than stock EMGs.
-Paul Reed Smith SE Custom
-Bugera 333XL 212
I like the EMGs in my Schecter, maybe the 18 volt mod would make them better. And the 85 is a bitchin bridge pickup; go ask Reb Beach (Winger), Adam D and Joel Stroezel (Killswitch Engage), Nick Hippa and Phil Sgrosso (As I Lay Dying) and a ton of other artists that use the 85 or 89 in the bridge of their guitars.
I though my EMG's in my SG sounded good until I got my Jackson with Dunks. The JB/Jazz combo is pretty sick.

My 85 in the neck sounds better.

I did the 18v mod... meh. Nothing Earth shattering.
Maybe the SG isn't the right guitar for them.