I recently read 'The picture of Dorian Grey' which was probably the best book i have EVER read. I'm now reading 'The importance of being Earnest' which is pretty good.

So pit what do you think of Oscar Wilde? What books have you recently read? Can you suggest anything similar to Dorian Grey?

General discussion and such commence.....
I read dorian gray and i gotta say i wasn't impressed. I liked alot of it but when he started talking about all the philosophy and **** i got bored. The things he said were somewhat true but i didn't agree with him alot of the time. However the parts with whats her names brother were good. I liked that.
Eh I thought some of the philosophy stuff was good but I didnt really dwell on it I just read it as a novel so I cant remember most of it now. Ill probably read it again so I can get to grips with some of the things Lord Henry says.
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It was a good book though. Did you know the author was gay?

Read a poem about it
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He died by looking at himself.


Who dorian? No he didnt. He found his picture repulsive and when he stabbed it he died.