Anyone know how I could get a better sounding clean sound? My equipment list is in my profile. My set-up distorted sounds good, good sustain, good tone, etc, but I'm tryin to figure out how I might get a better clean sound. Any suggestions?

Oh, and I might be gettin a BOSS Flanger Pedal soon too if that helps, because I know Flange makes clean sound better.
Chorus on clean parts sounds good, like the Cure's sound or Metallica's chorus sound. A little phase on it sounds cool. A BBE Sonic Stomp would make things alot more clear and add some bass.
what do u mean by clean sound? By just taking out your distortion pedals and limiting your amp gain will obviously give u a clean sound. The flanger is an enhancer that gives a watery and 80's sound effect. And yes, it helps both clean and distortion sound better (a kind of a dimensional effect).
a new amp...


But, the guitarist in my band (HUMANS IN VEHICLES) gets a good clean sound out of his MG's distorted channel by just lowering his guitar's volume to nearly zero

Oddly, its better than the clean channel itself
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You have an MG stack, the only thing those are capable of is crushing overdrive....

but really, chorus, some delay, and reverb help spice up cleans. Robert Smith from The Cure is a chorus whore and Explosions in the Sky are delay whores.

edit: get a new amp
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Surprised no one's mentioned a good compression pedal. I'd get a different amp if I wanted nice cleans, preferably a tube amp in my opinion.
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Ya, I just usually step on my wah-pedal and keep my foot on it. It works for me I guess. And I don't know why people say MG's suck, they're actually pretty decent amps.