I considered three or four different places to put this thread and I eventually decided here, if this is the wrong spot, just move it or something.

But anyway, I don't want to own an upright bass but I would like to play one at least once. Where would be my best bet for finding one?
You could call around to local music stores and see if one has it but they might not like you trying it out if they dont think youre going to buy it. Im pretty sure those things cost a few grand cheap and used and i wouldnt even guess how much for a high quality new one so dont drop it if you do.
I've been playing acoustic for 3 years now, and I still don't own my own bass. They do run up over 2 grand for a decent used one, and if you are going to play one - be extremely careful. I rent one from my school to practice, but I have seen them in some private string repair shops around town. You will definitely not find one in any high-end retail stores so don't bother checking. Just ask around.
like Delirium stated your best bet is if your in school to join orchestra. Besides that in some samash's ive seen one but they prob wont let you try it. i suggest renting one for like a month and taking it from there.
Don't look in guitar stores, look in places that sell string instruments (don't get smart and say "lolol gutar has strungs") and brass.
Or else try a music class or university.
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I'm hoping eventually to make the transition to an upright bass, alas I have not the money nor the space in my house.

Same boat here, I haven't played the upright in half a decade now, partially for want of money, but mostly because I have absolutely no place to keep one.
Ive always wanted to play one, they look and sound so cool

This boat is pretty full, i also have no money/space
Other than your traditional music store (aka band instrument store), check out second hand music store. My second hand place always seems to have an upright for sale. I'd love to get one but I suffer from the "no money, no space" issue as well, esp. the no space issue.
be very, very, very nice to me and i might let you look at mine

but other then that a shop is your best bet
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The only times I've played DB are when I broke into the music rooms at school out of hours.

There are probably better ways to get your hands on one.
lolz guturs have strungs!!11
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