Simply mindblowing! I am not the biggest fan of jazz, but this is music at its finest.

So yes, another Kind of Blue worship thread
I prefer Sketches Of Spain to Kind Of Blue, but they're both amazing.

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I prefer Sketches Of Spain to Kind Of Blue, but they're both amazing.

I definatly need to get some more Miles albums
i guess if there was going to be one album to convert someone into a miles fan, this would be it.

i mean, it says something that so what, all blues, freddie the freeloader and blue in green have become jazz standards in their own right.
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hmm i must get that, i have the essential Miles Davis CD that i really enjoy so i think it would be a good purchase

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In A Silent Way is my favorite from Miles. Sketches of Spain is a bit overrated if you ask me.
Kind of Blue and Coltrane's A Love Supreme were my first two jazz albums. Although I prefer A Love Supreme, I can't deny that Kind of Blue is great.
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Good album, but my favorite Miles' will always be Birth of Cool.