What would happen if you put a Big Muff Pi U.S.A. Reissue in front of a tube amp? My friend said that you should only but overdrive pedals like Tube Screamers in front of tube amps but no distortion pedals, but my other friend says that a Big Muff in front of a tube amp will sound AMAZING! Which is true? Thanks so much for your help!
big muff with tube is the gilmour set up

it sounds great at full volume but a lower volume it sounds kinda like a beehive

and big muff is more of a fuzz/sustainer
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he uses a big muff and other fuzzes
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I get a Jack White/Billy Corgan Lead tone with that set up. I have single coil pickups so my tone will be different from someone using humbuckers. If you got humbucker in your axe a wolmotherish tone is alot more achievable than with a guitar with single coils
Then put a humbucker in the bridge or use positions 2 and 4 on the pickup selector more often.
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And yeah, a Big Muff and a tube amp works better than a Big Muff in front of a SS amp. People get hung up on what effects they can run with a tube. I generally suggest you stay away from anything too digital sounding, but other than that you should be lining up whatever you like.
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