Ok. i still cannot decide which guitar to get. I am trying to decide between a V,Explorer,And a warrior. I,m kind of leaning twards the V but i dont know which one. Now i have another question. The jackson Warrior WRMG has a floating bridge on it and is $749.99. I was wondering if Jackson would take off the price if i ordered the guitar with a normal bridge. Or any company would take off the price if i oreered the guitar with a normal bridge. I figured they would take off a hundred since that would mean saving time drilling wood in the guitars body.
Hmmm... Never played a warrior but between the V and Explorer, definately Explorer, The V is nearlly impossible to play sitting down and I love the tone you get from that big Xplorer (Oh yes, I went there) body.
they wouldn't do it like that i don't think. You would have to order a different model that comes standard with a non-trem bridge.
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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Out of the Explorer and V, if your getting a Faded Gibson, I like the red V more. Even if it is a bit uncofotable to play sitting down at first, its doable.
Well, both the v and explorer are ESP (i personally think Gibson are too expensive and overrated, but you get what you pay for dont get me wrong.) I just like the Alexi style guitars but i am not spending more than $700.00. Now the thing between the V-500 and the EX-400 is that i have the diamond steel pickguard from my brothers old EX 400. and the explorer is also 100 dollars cheaper.

Now, a question about the bridge on my current guitar:

I currently play an M100FM LTD. It has a Floyd Rose Licensed trem on it. Is it suppose to go out of tune everytime i touch the trem bar or no? cause mine will go out of tune if i bend the trem bar about a centimeter down. Not to mention i cant bend the trem far back either before i start snapping strings. I had this guitar for 4 years. Is there anything i should change (besides the strings im not that dumb) that would have an effect on this? And is this normal for this type of trem?