Here's the story behind my 'situation': I was asked by a friend to feed/let out her dogs because she would be out of state until late at night. Next store to her was a garage sale that was packing it stuff up. Out of curiosity I went over and asked if they were selling any musical instruments. She (the women packing up) said she didn't know, and that she would ask her husband when he got back. I was doing a 'okay" sort of thing, then went in and fed the dogs and all that. After locking the house up, she shouted for me to come over and speak with her husband (stupid thing now that I think of it, being only 16). Turns out had a Gibson Les Paul Studio with Swamp Ash body for sale. The only thing wrong with it was the headstock was cracked in the bad (not horrible, but still noticeable). We talked, and now tomorrow I am going back over there to offer him my Washburn KC-42 with EMG's w/ cash for it. I'm not 100% sure about this, but the LP was great. The cracks didn't do anything to it. Do you guys think it is a good idea? He wants $400-ish, and I told him that I thought my Washburn was worth $300-$350.

So, any thoughts? Sorry for the wall of text!
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good deal. get it.
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I wouldn't even bother unless you really want an LP.

A studio with a cracked headstock just doesn't sound good to me... at all.
I would say that sounds 'fair'. It's not going to be an amazing bargain (even if the headstock was in perfect condition), but you're not getting ripped off either. Ash LPs sound pretty nice (more sustain than anything, and a brighter tone than LPs usually have) and they can be hard to find now since Gibson don't make them anymore.
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idk....post pics of it?
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Sounds like a great deal. Worst case scenario, you can take it to a luthier to fix up the cosmetics and re-sell it.
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