Righteous Arcanum

Take this heratic
For this my king desires - all shouted
Take this scimitar
We will not tolerate liers
With blood write letters
It’s the only way they’ll listen
Heed my warning
get away from this position.

Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar yugh - a similar shout will do more like a ruuur sound
Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar yugh

Flee from dictating nation
No inflamtion
All your moneys worthless
Hark the calling from judges

You know
Don’t they
Don’t tell
Don’t say


The righteous Arcanum
Hell cant resist
A lie to us all
A friend that shall fall
And bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed

We fight
For freedom
This secret
A life

In which we wait internally to kill the lords that wait above - sung fast

We wont
Condone them
I cant
Control them
But knowing
This secret
We plot
Their demise

Spies from us in their cript to kill the lords that wait above

They took
Our fathers
To fight
Their battle
But they
were slaughtered
just Like
damn cattle


The righteous Arcanum
They will all pay
For keeping
Us hostage
Well keep them
At bay

The righteous

The righteous

The righteous Arcanum its them that we’ll slay!