i was watching a jimi hendrix documentary and figured i would pick up my guitar. i pressed record and let my fingers do the talking. go easy on me because i know it isn't very good at all but i could also upload some of my older stuff to show you my progress.


i've been playing for about a year and a half now. am i making good progress? i always feel like im not progressing at the rate i should.
Thats some good stuff. The only suggestion I can give on that piece is to try and make the single notes have more of a similar rythme or 'feeling' as the chords you are playing in between.

Other than that, your skills are very good for the time youve been playing, and dont worrying about how fast or slow your progressing, because what can you do about it? Just play and learn however is the most fun for you, and it will all work out. Besides, guitar is such a slow process, everyone feels like they are no better than they were a year ago, but its just because there is really no way to learn something over night, its just a slow process, so try to enjoy it.
bad quality recording but for the actuall guitar performing sounds kinda jimi pretty good for how long you have been playing. Simple riff i like it. My suggestion honestly is to practice your bends alot until you can get them to the right pitch every single to time. Also practice practice until you can get vibrato down it can make it sounds very good. keep it up you are better than me when i started
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I think you're making good progress. Considering you've only been playing for a year and a half, you're pretty good. I think if you kept practicing you could be really good within a few years. Crit mine? It's the first song in my profile.