Myself and a few kids from school are stating a band and i was trying to think of some songs we could learn. We have learnt given up by linkin park and blitkrieg bop by the ramones. Does anyone know some songs that are kind of easy to play in a band situation, punk or metal/hardcore songs.

Any recommendations would be good, thanks.
Well it depends on the singer, choose a song that the singer has the confidence.
I would go for Greenday songs with an average singer. And also Blink182, sum41 are simple to play.
Quote by slash591
arent bands supposed to write their own music?

unless they are just starting out which is pretty obviously the case in this specific situation

but for suggestions smells like teen spirit by nirvana is pretty easy
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Quote by slash591
arent bands supposed to write their own music?

they can have covers...or they can be a cover band x),if they just started they can also learn some songs to practice and get a hang of playing together
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cheers guys.
But yeah just starting and wanted to get some skills down just playing together because we have never been in a band before except for one guitarist.