I bought the Taylor 214ce a few months ago and I thought the action was great. About a week ago, I FELT, not sure if it is or I am just imagining things, the action seemed a bit higher? Because I THINK it does feel like its harder to push down on the strings. I have a hygrometer that I keep in the case and is properly humidified.
So am I just imagining or could it be?
most likly it didn't change. It could the different strings...or your smoking somthing...lol

you can measure it and measure it again later and see if it changes again.

Also a guitar tech can better assist you

best of luck to you man
Same thing seems to always happen to me, and it's VERY noticeable. I use the same gauge strings, but I use a lot of different alternate tunings, and change tunings frequently, so I also have to alter my truss rod every once in a while. Maybe that's the problem for me.