I'm learning this sweep, but apparently, when I kick it to distortion, the G string always rings when I lift off my index finger.
Anyone can tell me how do I make this sweep clean?
Sweeping = 1 note/string right? So I gotta lift off my other fingers when I'm going/down up?
hmmm, i'm guessing you're sounding the 12th fret harmonic. Try to mute with the heel of your left hand as you go.
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mine are clean. i don't know why. just practice obsessively. that's what i did
try to mute the stirng with ur left hand as you take it off,sort ofl ift ur finger upwards and dont let it "drag" on the string
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hmmm, I tried to mute the string using my same index finger. But wouldn't it make my speed slower? Cos my index gotta wait(sit/mute) on the G string ...
Correct me if I'm wrong.
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Would it help perhaps if, as you lifted your finger off, you slide it away from the 12th freth? That might mute the harmonic with out needing to put your finger back on the string.
I'm not certain though. Just a suggestion.
Try not lifting your finger completely off the string. Lift it so that the note mutes but doesn't return to a state when your finger isn't on the string, know what i'm trying to say?