I recently changed the strings on my Gibson Les Paul studio and the strings are touching my bridge pickups ? It is affecting the sound, i probably did something wrong, does anyone know how to help me fix it ?
Also, i think its cause i put it to tight, but its also in tune, i tried tuning my high e string but it snapped ...
You might not have had the string on the tail piece
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its on the tail piece ....

EDIT: Is it intonation or something ?
maybe the ction on the guitar isnt set right?
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well it needed a set up before but i never encountered this problem before, i changed my strings like 10 mins ago and it was okay this morning ...
have it checked and at ur local guitar store,maybe you need the pickup adjusted or the strings.
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but your bridge looks extremely low. Since your strings are "linked" to both end of your guitar and basicly stretched, it cannot bend or whatever. So the problem would be either; your bridge is too low(it does seem pretty low in that picture), or the gauge of the new strings is too big.

I do remember a similar problem happening to me in the past tho. What I did was restring and afterwards, my high E string would appear MUCH tighter, and trying to tune it would take a much longer time(turning the peg would barely affect the sound). That problem came from me not stringing right. Back then I would just, restring without any "technique" or whatever, most of the time fighting with the strings to leave them in place and all. If you have a problem with restring, look here; http://www.jazzguitar.be/how_to_string_a_guitar.html and make sure you're following it 100%, steps by steps. Really I thought it was something kinda simple to do, and that it didn't take any specific ways to do. I ended with my strings all twisted around pegs, really un-equally, with about 4 inches of string coming out, which I wouldn't cut, cause if I did, the string could have fell off, due to my bad restringing. In other words, it looked really poorly done. Now last time I came accross a guide like this one, and I restrung steps by steps. In the end, it's almost perfectly done(it really looks like the strings were put by your shop). But yeah it might really sound stupid, but if that's your case, it can do a difference. I feel like it's much easier to tune now, and it stays in tune much longer. Back then, it would sometime happen that my string suddently went incredibly out of tune, when playing, really fast. Like you're playing and suddently, the string gets incredibly low, due to the string being badly restrung.

Anyways, trying putting your bridge higher a bit, I guess that could fix it. Or take it to a tech.
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