Hello, I was trying out pedals today at my local guitar shop with my guitar and amp... and was trying a tube screamer and a boss overdrive pedal... it sounded really great. but there was a noise problem.. it had the persistant EERRRRNNN with my single coil strat AND a humbucker schecter. we tried a noise surpresser and everything.. and figured it was just the two pedals being on together.

Is there anyway to fix this... i.e. putting the pedals in different parts of the loop? I couldn't really figure it out.
More info needed, what amp were you running?
It is most likely the fact that two overdrives are being run side by side, you just don't do that for tonal reasons, especially if they are all on full level, and you can overload the amp.

Sceondly, if it was a solid-state amp, running an overdrive, especially two, into that will cause incessant noise, they are not equipped to handle overdrives effectively.
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Each OD will add a little noise so 2 is twice as much noise. Also the gain will make a diference as will the amp could be the power supply to. Ive seen pedal displays in stores where they have all the pedals of 1 brand chained together you just turn on the one you want to try but thats going to add alot of noise to.
I'm running it through a fender bassman silverface, which has no gain on it.