About a week ago my electric guitar (squier strat) hit the end of my computer desk and made a chip in the paint. This gave me an idea. Is it possible to chip a design in my guitar? since it's a cheap guitar there won't be any pressure into messing it up, since theres a chip already lol.
Is engraving in your guitar a good idea?
engraving your guitar is a great idea as long as you dont mess it up. it would be hard to get anything worthwhile without a lot of hard work, and probably some previous skill, but if you dont mind messing it up, practice then try it out.
if it will look cool then do it. but remember you cant go back once youve started. unless you sand it all down and repaint it.

controling the chips will be near impossible. maybe you could burn the paint off with a wood burning kit or something

edit: better idea, if you can get your hands on a dremel tool with the right bit that would be much easier
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I want to trace a small design. How would I do that? I printed out the design at the scale I want. but I don't know how to trace it on there. I was thinking of tracing with a marker or something like that. I'm not really good at free handing it.
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try carbon paper?

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