Wow I love this band. The first time I heard them was at some small concert in my area and it rocked...and their new CD coming out in a few days sounds awesome.

Anyone else like these guys?
Pretty good, I like the first album better than the other two. They're from Elizabethton, which is like less than half and hour away from me

I've hung out with these guys. They're really cool
A Chorus Of Obliteration was a superb album. Absolutely amazing.
Tempatation Come My Way was a really huge let down, except for Breath Of The Swamp.

What I've heard of Back Breaker sounds super thrashy and promising though.
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Yeah I've heard a lot of people didn't like Temptation Come My Way...I still like both albums though. Back Breaker is gonna be awesome.
They're awesome...I like Fanatics and *****s. I think they did a cover of Carry on Wayward Son too.
I saw them live. The singer has a hilarious accent.
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