This is an original I wrote, and it's kind of new territory for me. It has progressive undertones (the 9/8 time in the verse and breakdown as well as switching between 9/8 and 11/8 in the chorus) and it is a lot heavier then most of the stuff I've written thus far, so I want to see how I did with this.

I also want to note that this is a demo, so the performances (particulary my drumming) aren't perfect and the recording quality isn't amazing, but the main things I want feedback on are the songwriting and arrangement, to see if there are things that need improving.

The song is in my profile.
i'm very bad at giving feedback but i'll try.

i thought the quality of the recording was excellent. the first 2 and a half minutes were a bit dull. kinda dull and boring and needed a bit more. vocals might give it that "kick ass" factor. the solo at the end and the ending rocked my socks. overall, i liked it. v nice.