i asked this question a long time ago when i was a beginner, i feel better now, so here comes my question.

for these types of riffs, i asked whether it was better to downpick it all, alternate pick it all or economy pick. I came to a conclusion that to keep up my hand stamina when im playing these really fast songs the best is to alternate, or economy. But by the time i came to that conclusion i had already learnt how to downpick all these riffs perfectly. Needless to say i had a hard time switching. So i managed to switch and relearn these riffs. I thought it was definitely better to alternate, like there were no two says about it. Till recently i noticed that the riffs sound better all downpicked, they sound heavier and more powerful. Is this true for THESE types of riffs, don't get me wrong, i alternate pick everything else, literally.

So the question is should i just downpick these riffs


D)--------7---- 8-----8------7--------------

D)---2-2----2---2-----2-2---2---2------- 2-2----2----


The alternate picking usually happens on the root note, and it really does sound better, to me, when its all downpicked, just sounds way heavier. So any input would be great, thanks.

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Do whatever you want dude, last time I checked no one tells you what you can and cannot do with a guitar.

But I wouldn't play that part downpicked over and over as your hand/arm may tire but if you want/think it sounds better/heavier downpicked then go for it dude. I see no harm in it.
i down pick when i can. because of the heaviness thing. when its too fast, i alt pick. but sometimes alt picking just feels easier on slower stuff too. i dont have a strict "always this or that" rule. and i find myself occasionally economy picking certain things with weird string transitions

edit: oh and on that last riff, i would downpick all the notes on the top strings, and up pick the others
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Always economy pick. Always.


TS - do whatever works best, obviously if you can't play it at the speed you want using all downstrokes then you need to use alternate picking. I'd advise against economy picking, for those kind of riffs you usually want to strike each note individually to maintain note separation and also emphasise the initial attack.
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Do whatever fits the style, but it is always good to be proficient at both. I find for harder (as in difficulty) riffs it is better to alt. pick as it increases speed and, I dunno, I just feel more comfortable doing it to be honest.
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I never learnt how to alternate pick until about 3 years after starting to learn. As a result, when I started alternate picking my technique improved tenfold, and my downpicking is a lot faster and more consistent compared to everyone else who started playing aroundthe same time as me.
Long story short, everyones different; do which feels best. Alternate picking is tricky to get right at first but when learning harder stuff you will most likely need it.
those kind of riffs sounds a lot better with just downpicking
but its very hard because you get your hand tired and everything :S
you could try economy or alternate
but definitely practice it all downpicked... you wont regret to do it
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Whatever feels most comfortable would be the obvious choice. It probably down pick them first two bars and then the 3rd one I'd alternate - from looking at it anyway.
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