Okay so i've had this problem for a long while and it really bothers me, i would love to have some explanations about how to fix this.

Whenever i play a song or any kind of sound on my comp, i get a really laggy comp. For example during music my computer is totally fine, so i usually end up playing music all the time on the comp is i prevent the lagging But allways after the music is over i get this massive lag all the way until i start another sound file. This really bothers me on youtube as sometimes the videos stop to load and my comp lags so much that i want to kill myself.

So shortly: After playing sound on my comp the comp lags all the way until another sound is playing, and when that is over again the lag starts again.

Sound= smooth comp, no sound = LAGGY

Please guys what shall i do I hope you understand what i mean, i hate this
That is...strange. Lol.

So this is with any sound whatsoever? Not just music from your Media Player?
u sound like u have a problem with ur sound card - program - or something along the lines of that

when ur computer starts slowing down press ctrl alt del. look at how much CPU is being used im picturing 80-100 which isnt good,

then click processors and click cpu so the one with the highest amount comes to the top then close that
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my comp lags so much that i want to kill myself.