So I have a Peavey Valveking 112 and the speaker it has is not that great, bad frequency response.

And I have an old (at least 20 years old) Fender Stage Lead amp, which has a 12" speaker, the same size as the Valveking.

The Valveking's a valve amp (obviously) and the Fender amp is solid state, and to my shock horror, the Fender amp had better tone than my Valveking, the speaker was better too, so I was thinking...

Is it alright to swap the speakers around? I'm pretty sure the Fender amp's 50 watts, the same as my Valveking, I don't want to ruin either speakers as I want to sell my Fender amp to my school.
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should work out fine
go for it

Do you know any way to figure out the wattage the speaker can take?

EDIT: Just found out that the amp's 100 watts, so I think swapping it to my Valveking should be fine, can anyone confirm?

And I highly doubt it, but, would the Valveking speaker do fine inside the Fender amp?
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If you haven't swapped speakers yet, find out what the ohms rating is on the Fender speakers. The VK only takes 16 ohms, as far as I know...
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can anybody tell me what the wattage and resistance of the speakers on a 2-12 Fender Stage Lead 100 watt amp is. I have the amp but it does not have speakers in the cabnet, so I need to know what to use...HELP PLEASE