I want to start taking my guitar out publicly and busking.
like go and sit in one of my localparks and play or go into granada city centre and play but i'm worried about my guitar reciveing any kind of damadge.
would it be worth me getting a cheap on for going out and playing with???
You are free to do what we tell you.
nah i busk, and theres like no bigger chance of it getting damaged than at home
busking is the best, once you start, you get addicted to the cash =P
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just dont let ANYONE use youre guitar, lol...
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I wouldn't worry about damage too much, unless you drop your guitar =). People usually respect buskers in my area. If your area has a history of theft and roughing up of those sorts, then go to a guitar center or something similar and find a nice cheap campfire beater acoustic.
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