For instance,

I was once at the Beaulieu Motor Museum. My favorite car of all time, the 1967 Lotus 49 F1 car, was there, and was the reason I went. However, when I got to the Lotus, I saw it was parked in between two 90's F1 cars and you couldn't see it anywhere but from the front, from the walkway.

So I wrote an online letter through the Beaulieu website, claiming that this was clearly much more historically significant than the other cars which it was among, and that the mechanics were far more interesting than the other cars'. I didn't directly say it, but I implied this car was far better than the robotic, traction-controlled, button-ridden cars around it, and it needed better visibility.

Now, when I write letters to big companies like this, I never get any results.

But, what would you know, the proprietor of the musuem sympathized, saying that this was his favorite car too, and that my letter made him realize that the car needed better viewablilty. This was Graham Hill's car, after all.

It is now parralell to the walkway, with much better visibility to the engine and cockpit, and the other cars scattered around it. They even put a spare engine on a stand so we could see it.

Have you ever written any letters that got amazing results?
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It got results
I've never really written letters to companies...

It has happened twice though, the first time I asked for a job at a store, and the other time I explained how the shoes I bought broke after three days.

Still no answers I need to practice my official letter writing a bit more
I sent a letter saying "this is what you get, you rat bastards" to several politicians with a bit of baby powder in it. Yeah, I got a result.
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Long story boring, I was getting rammed by T-Mobile. I e-mailed the president and told him what was going on, and that, in lieu of legal action that I never intended to actually take, I wanted out of my contract without paying their illegal termination fee. Also, I may or may not have called him a racketeer.

The next morning, there's a message in my inbox that said "hi, we let you out of your contract even though we SHOULD charge you." This was after I went to the FCC and was totally straight with them and didn't get ANY resolution at all.

The moral of the story is "to get want you want, be absolutely full of ****."
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My mum wrote a letter to drayton manor when they wouldn't let my sister on a ride, even though there was still 10 minutes before ride closing time. She got 2 free tickets.
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Me and some friends went to Thorpe park, and on the train home we were delayed 3 hours and had to go on 4 different trains as they kept being changed. I sent a long angry letter documenting this. All I got in return was 6 pound rail voucher, not really a result but better than nothing.
Not me personally but a freind of mines mum wrote a letter of complaint to some company that makes these choc-chip cookies.

Long story short they now have the Biggest Fucking Crate of cookies i have ever seen
I'm in the middle of a huge letter of complaint to Nando's (the restraunt). I ate there recently, and the staff annoyed me so much I went home and started writing the letter. It currently stands at some 1980 words long. Currently, I am taking apart their website. I mean litterally taking it apart. Examining the html and other coding and pointing out errors one by one.

Some day, I'll post it online when its finished because it is epic. thats the only way to describe it. I rekon I could esily write another 2000 words before sending it off.

Also, sent an email to wagamama (another restraunt) to complain about them not opening at the time they advertised. I got a reply that pretty much told me to f**k off, and that they would open when they wanted to, not when I wanted them to. The time was advertised as 12noon, and we were waiting till at least 12.30 before getting fed up and buggering off.
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