I recently desided to get back in to the game after 10 years or so.I used to play bass in a few local bands nothing major but it`s been awhile.The only gear i have left over is a Hartke 410 cab.I'm purchasing an ESP M-200 just for a nice little someting to mess around with. My question is this,I was going to buy alittle pratice/combo amp just to mess around with nothing to fancy 200-300$ dollar range,but then i thought hmm..... I still have this cab why not just buy a head so i found a Line 6 Spider III HD75 75W read the reviews seems like a nice little something.Only problem is that the cab is rated at 8ohm and the head at 4ohms.I really dont have plans to crank it or shows with it as that time for me is long gone,but i do want something powerfull with good lows for metal/grind-core type music.So do i go for it or maybe some suggestions on other things i can do
I have no idea about any of this stuff. But next time you have a question regarding amps you'll be better off posting in the Guitar Gear & Accessories forum. They know more about this kind of stuff.
You shouldn't match that head and cab. Do you know if you can switch the ohm's level on the back of the head? Anyways, if you're not planning on playing shows, and it's just for messing around, then I suppose the Line6 would do you good. It all depends on what you're getting it for, and if you're buying new or used. Before you have your mind set, try craigslist and see what you can find for cheap, theres always a chance you'll find something more satisfying for the same price or lower.

Good luck with everything. I hope I could help you out.
It's say 4ohm load only it's been awhile since i looked at amps i didnt even know what a modeling amp was till 3 days ago lol.... they didnt have Those when i playied
Peavey has some new Vypyr amp coming out soon i think i'll give the 75 watt a try
i seen some reviews on you tube about them looks pretty good and peavey has allways made good gear.Anyways thanks for ur advice