Hey guys i been playing for a bit but since im self taught i never learnt scales and chords on bass can somebody give me a site or something for them pleeeease???
Learn the Major Scale first, it is what other scales are derived from.

In musical terms, a 'tone' or 'step' or whatever else it may be called, is going up or down 2 frets on the fretboard, a half-step, or semi-tone, is going up or down 1 fret.

Starting on any note you wish, the major scale goes:

Whole, Whole, Half, Whole, Whole, Whole, Half. (WWHWWWH)

So, if you started on an open A string you would be playing an A Major Scale, so if we took it from there it would be:



As you can see, W (whole step) is an interval of 2 frets, H (half-step) is an interval of 1 fret.

BTW interval is just another word saying how far apart notes are on the fretboard.