Hey guys, just wanted to know, will a Blue Voodoo from America work in Australia?

See the plug hole?
It's a global thing right (well, it exists in America and Australia)?
The part I'm unsure of is the voltage rating. I can't find anywhere that says what ours is, but I've heard it's 240.
So the actual question is, would I just take one of my cables that fits into that hole (and works with Australian wall sockets), plug it into the amp and wall and turn it on?
If this doesn't make heaps of sense; I had a feeling it wouldn't.
That amp will work everywhere. North American sockets are 100/120V whereas your Aussie sockets are 230/240V.

hmmm, I'm not so sure. For stuff that isnt made country specific, theres usually a volatage switch that you'd have to change. I dont see a switch, but just beware.
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