Hey guys,

i decided i wanted to get into home recording so i can record demo's and stuff. Now i got a pretty cheap mixer, its a yamaha mw-10. I am just trying to figure out what everything does so i can tweak it and get the sound i want. Now the gain, thats just the volume, blah blah, but there are these knobs that say, HI, MED, LOW, and i really don't know what they do. Do they control the frequencies of the soundwave or something? Is it the same as treble and mid and bass sort of thing where turning up the high will give me a brighter sound while turning it down will give me a more warm mellow sound?

If im completely lost help me, thanks heaps guys.
its the same as an EQ on an amp or pedal...they just change the sound a little however I would keep those all "flat" and just use the EQ patch on your recording program since you can make changes further into the mix if needed, (something I find myself doing a lot if I add different instruments).
once you record with the EQ set on that USB mixer you are stuck with that sound...

Also the EQ patches in your software probably sound better.

Also read though Tweak's Guide in my sig for more info on recording.