That's right, it's a...I don't know what the hell it is. It's a Sunn Mustang neck (equivalent of the late 80s squiers, but with a different name for non-US guitars) which has had the frets removed. The rosewood board has been covered with a stainless steel plate, which is held in place by brass pins which mark the 1, 5, 9, 12, 15, and 19th positions. The neck is serial number .00068, indicating that it was probably made in 1988 or 89, although it's very hard to find data on these things. If anyone has any ideas about the date or if the body is original, that would be great.
Here's some more porn. It's much more colorful in real life- the finish is gloss black with multicolored sparkles. Everything except the bridge and the output jack have been replaced on this guitar:

The open notes, as you can imagine, sustain like crazy. It has a ton of bass and punch, just like you'd expect from a guitar with a giant plate bolted to the front. I'm going to set it up properly tomorrow with some higher gauge flatwounds, it should sound very cool. The metal board makes it look and feel like a weapon
What did you pay for that?

Anyways, it's ugly as ****, but for some reason I'm interested in hearing it..
My school had a Sunn Mustang, it was horrible IMO. Everything about it was disgusting, it was about 20 years old and everything about it was just disgusting
Nobody ever says porn anymore. It's such a dirty word. Use pr0n. It's generally more acceptable.

I kid...

But seriously, who thought of putting a metal plate on the neck? I guess all that matters is playability and tone. And it doesn't hurt if it looks badass. Sure to turn some heads in the crowd, especially if it souds as kickass as it looks.
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I don't know why... but i feel like that was an attempt at making the world's first electric sitar.

What? It IS from India...
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Quoting yourself is cool.

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sliding would be sick as =P
Quotes from other UGers in your signatures that talk about how good you are suck donkey schlong.
Reminds me of my Vigier:

For anyone who wants to hear some fretless clips before the TS has time to upload, check my profile.

To stay on topic, did you put the fretboard on yourself?
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holy s***!!! These are violins not guitars, you should post this on Ultimate-violin.com!!!
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I don't know why... but i feel like that was an attempt at making the world's first electric sitar.

What? It IS from India...

Been done mate

TS - Sound and video clips please
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I've seen a couple of these before. I forgot who, but there's one guy who has a glass fingerboard. Now that was cool!
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interesting to say the least.

Clips Roc!

^and Bonsaischaap - are all your fretless clips the guitar you posted. Nice!

Thanks; and yes, all of them were recorded with that guitar.

The clips aren't too good, but they'll have to do
You've read it, you can't un-read it!
^I don't think so. It would be great if they did though, since I can't find any information on who did it, other than that it was somewhere in Europe. Any ideas?