This may seen like a stupid qustion but.......... my mums old boyfriend left his guitar amp at mine and it wont turn on whatare the possible things that are wrong with it? sorry if i seem stupid
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wtf is a gibson fender tellecaster
make sure its plugged in? other than that it would help if u told us a brand and model.

if it has an "on light" in front does that go on when u switch it on?

Is it plugged in?

And how is it that it won't turn on? It just doesn't do anything or is there no sound?
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yes its pluged in! but the light dosent turn on then i plug it in and switch it on its a marshall 30 combo :/. cheers
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wtf is a gibson fender tellecaster
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it might be the fuse in the plug mate!

I agree a blown fuse seems to be the most likely culprit.
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