For a head that is 120 watts, a 120 watter or higher 2x12 cabinet will work correct?

Any good cheap options?
Technically any cabinet would work but you have to check the rating of the speakers so that they can handle the charge without blowing up. Also, you need matching ohms.
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yeah always try to go over the wattage of the amp and match the impedances ALWAYS( the ohms). i d say avatar cabs. look them up...not expensive, very good quality, and u can make whatever cab u want with whatever speaker u want, any impedance thats possible and choice of mono and stereo
any well known companies make a 120 watt 2x12 without going into smaller companies?
just try this out...avatar 2x12 cab with two vintage 30s....rated at 120 watts....16 ohms stereo (two inputs of 16 ohms each) or 8 ohms mono( one input of 8 ohm.