dudes im just like asking how can you make a really emotional guiar lick or something

i know like in a minor key you can go from the 1st to the 6th which sounds good
and a major key you can use like the 4t and 7th for flatened 5ths which sounds amazing in impulse by an endless sporadic

but yh, and other tricks?
include alot of bends... that seems to work for kirk hammett, he's don e a few ok emotional licks
I find bending between the semitones in the scales (2nd and minor 3rd, 6th and minor 7th) gives a more emotional feel, good to throw those in now and then.
Listen to John Petrucci he has got some emotional licks up his sleeve, and try some pre bends where you bend before playing a note and then releasing or some bends where who do a bend release and then bend again type thing.
use some arpeggios over the chords, and try playing wide intervals instead of playing random legato scales. also try to play note that aren't in that scale, e.g. on a maj7 chord bend between the minor and major 3th. the 3th, 7th, and 9th are for me the most important notes, focus on them.