For the past couple of months I've had a 200 watt Trace Elliot combo that I use quite frequently, 3 or 4 times a week to gig in various pubs around my area.
Every other gig or more recently every gig during the second half of the set my amp seems to cut out once or twice for a couple of seconds and come back in also I notice it gets quieter the longer it's on. Now obviously this is a problem, I tried not using the equalizers because someone said that was doing it. I tried sticking a fan behind it because someone said it would prevent it from overheating, what I really want to know is is there really a problem, or can a 200 watt trace combo just not push the volume you need to be in a local 3 piece rock band? I just assumed 200 watts would be enough and this is the second amp they've supplied me with and it still wont cut it.
Sounds like a tube is dying! Have it looked at by a guitar tech. Normally tubes don't overheat that quickly. Tubes actually work thanks to the heat it generates.
Unfortunately 200 watts is often not enough to compete with a drummer and guitarist - this is why I am upgrading.

Also if it's a combo with 2 outputs, the speaker may only be drawing about 100-130 watts out of the head. If you are really cranking your amp it isn't too much of a suprise to find it cutting out, but still this seems strange for a respected brand like Trace-Elliot.

Have you thought of upgrading?
Upgrading was what I called buying a Trace, I mean it was just such a reliable make for me, All I can think to do now is add to the rig, it is a combo. Or take it to have another fan put in or have something replaced, I don't know. Any suggestions? How would the rest of you approach this.
well you could save up for a better trace elliot?
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don't ask the store guys, they just want a sale, and are opinionated.

and sell your trace... Ask anyone who suffers from GAS they'll help you out with that
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